Zandra Installation Guide


Building the base packages

First, it is necessary to configure the build system. To do so, create a by copying and edit it. You can change the target architecture, compile flags, and more here. Also make sure that your cross-compiler, pkgtools, and mk binaries are in $PATH before beginning.

After this, you can begin the build process:

``` [user@zandra ~]$ export mkbuild=$(pwd)/mkbuild # required for mkbuild [user@zandra ~]$ export configmk=$(pwd)/ # required for mkbuild

[user@zandra ~]$ mk init # initialize git submodules [user@zandra ~]$ mk # build base packages ```

Installing the packages to a root directory

[user@zandra ~]$ export ROOT="rootdir" # replace with desired path (an existing directory) [user@zandra ~]$ mk install

Making a bootable image

If you would like to create an image complete with a bootloader to use in a VM or put on a USB drive, make sure /dev/loop0 is not being used on your host system, and then run ROOT="rootdir" mk bootable, replacing “rootdir” with a path to the root directory used previously.